Zika spreads rapidly in India, with 94 cases confirmed

Internet Photo

The number of people infected with the Zika virus in India has increased to 94 confirmed cases in the western state of Rajasthan, including 22 pregnant women, as of 17 October.

The first case was confirmed on September 23 and the number of people who have tested positive for the virus in the city of Jaipur has steadily grown since then.

Teams sent by the government of India are working on the ground, said Dr V.K. Mathur, director of Public Health for Rajasthan.

The state’s health department has deployed 330 teams to affected areas in the Shastri Nagar area in Jaipur to monitor and stall the spread of the infection with intensive fogging of mosquito sites and rigorous surveillance to identify cases early.

People who have tested positive are being isolated in hospitals or in their homes and are being monitored closely by officials.

Special teams have also been formed to verify positive cases and isolate them.

The state’s health department has split the infected areas into eight zones in which doctors, district officials, social welfare workers and health officers are mobilized to deal with the outbreak, according to a statement released by the state.

Around 434,515 people have been brought under surveillance and 86,903 houses have been checked, according to to India’s Health Ministry.

All pregnant mothers in the area will be monitored. So far, at least 4 who have delivered already have had normal healthy babies, said Govind Parikh, spokesperson for Rajasthan Health Department.