Woman stabbed to death and burned in Harlem

The tears haven’t stopped falling since she learned about the barbaric murder of her 23-year-old daughter in East Harlem.

Estalita Edwards spoke to the Daily News just hours after she had to officially identify the body of her oldest child through photos provided by police.

Shantee Nakhid, herself a mother of a 10-month-old boy, was stabbed at least 30 times in the neck, chest and arms. She was burned, stuffed in a black garbage bag and left for dead early Tuesday. Her body was found in a stairwell at the Clinton Houses on E. 105th St., about 10 blocks from her home.

A witness told the Daily News her high-heeled shoes could be seen sticking out of the bag. Relatives saw her for the last time around 1 a.m. Tuesday. She told her grandmother she was going to the store.

Police say Nelson Quinones, 26, was responsible for the grisly crime. Charges were pending late Wednesday, as he recovered in a hospital after trying to kill himself.

Quinones stabbed and slashed the young mom and — while covered in blood — went to buy condoms about 3 a.m. from New Lexington Deli on Lexington Ave., police sources said. After buying the Magnum condoms, he returned to his apartment, then went back to the deli about 30 minutes later to buy cigarettes, sources said.

About 6 a.m., police say Quinones dragged Nakhid’s body from his building to another building in the Clinton Houses about 200 feet away. Investigators are looking for a second man who was seen helping Quinones move Nakhid’s body, sources said.

Quinones set the woman’s body on fire in a ninth-floor stairwell then returned to his apartment and slashed his wrist and cut his throat in a botched suicide attempt, police said.

Cops investigating the fire followed a blood trail from Nakhid’s scorched body to the back door of Quinones’ building and up to his 12th-floor apartment.

With cops at the door, Quinones called 911 and said he wanted to speak to someone before dying, sources said. Members of the NYPD Emergency Services Unit found him bleeding and cowering in his bathroom.

Nakhid’s credit card was found in Quinones’ apartment, sources said.

Quinones was taken to Harlem Hospital, where he remained in police custody late Wednesday. He’s been arrested 16 times, including twice for assault in 2013 and 2010 and once for menacing a police officer in 2011.


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