August 13, 2020

Woman sets up Christmas lights in shape of giant penis

This will put her straight onto Santa’s naughty list.

Shelby Gash has turned off her neighbours in a sleepy Kansas street — by shaping Christmas lights into a giant penis on her house.

“Sorry neighbours… I felt the need to make a giant d–k on the roof,” Gash wrote alongside photos on Facebook. “‘Tis the season!”

The 24-year-old jokester was equally blunt with a local TV news crew reporting on complaints from neighbors in Lenexa about her festive phallic display using 60 feet of lights.

“[It’s] a giant glowing d–k,” Gash told WDAF, saying it was a cheeky reaction to how “uptight” her neighborhood has become.

“People think it’s hilarious,” she insisted. “People are stopping in the middle of the night taking photos and laughing. People think it’s so much fun.

“I think there’s a lot more laughter than it’s bringing out anything uncomfortable.”

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