Woman Rejects Proposal, Throws Ring In Fish Tank, Man Plunges To Retrieve

(DAILYMAIL) – A young man plunged himself into a fish tank to retrieve an engagement ring when his girlfriend allegedly threw it into the water after rejecting a proposal.

Footage shows the unnamed man pointing at an object lying at the bottom of the tank in a supermarket in Almi shopping centre in the city of Gomel in south-eastern Belarus.

The dejected 23-year-old man removes his backpack and appears to explain the situation to a member of staff before clambering into the tank fully clothed.

Once standing in the tank – still wearing even his trainers – the young man dunks his head underwater as he scrambles to find the ring among dozens of swimming fish.

He then climbs over the side of the glass dripping wet and shakes himself off after the bizarre stunt.

The unnamed young man had allegedly just proposed to his girlfriend in the shop – but things hadn’t gone to plan.

Instead of accepting his proposal, the young woman apparently declined and tossed the engagement ring into the fish tank.

As well as being knocked back by the woman he planned to spend the rest of his life with, the young man allegedly had to pay a fine for his daring move, according to local media.

Reports said that supermarket security did not detain the man at the time, but bosses allegedly decided to report him to the police afterwards.


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