Where Is Guaido? Coup Leader Doesn’t Show Up To Own Protest

(TELESUR) – The Venezuelan people have rejected the recent call promoted this Saturday by the leaders of the far-right to demonstrate in front of the main military barracks of the Bolivarian Republic.

Following the failed coup attempt against the legitimate President of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, several supporters of the opposition held a  demonstration in which its own leader Juan Guaido was absent from.

Supporters of the Venezuelan opposition held their demonstration without Guaido on Saturday as the government security forces protected their right protest.

The protest was relatively small in comparison to their previous demonstrations, which was a major blow to the opposition as they were looking to gain momentum after their failed coup.

The main objective of the call made by Juan Guaidó ,  which he inexplicably did not participate in, was to convince the military command to ditch President Maduro and side with him.

The troops listened to the statements of the opposition and reiterated their loyalty to their homeland and President Maduro.

One of the military installations visited was the Generalissimo Francisco de Miranda Airbase, better known as La Carlota, east of Caracas. The base was the main site of the April 30th coup. Despite their best effort to break into the military installation, they were unable to penetrate its walls.

During the opposition’s protest on Saturday, a much larger rally in honor of Dialogue and Rectification Day was held in Caracas. The participants held the rally in order to promote a plan to optimize social action in coordination with the government.

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