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Foreign Minister Arreaza classifies official tour to European countries a success

The Foreign Minister of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Jorge Arreaza, described the official tour to European countries a success, where he reiterated the denunciation against the policies and unilateral coercive measures of the United States government against the Venezuelan people.

As part of his agenda, the Minister of Foreign Affairs spoke at the 41st Session of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) based in Rome.

“In that scenario, we asked the secretary general, Antonio Guterres, and all UN bodies, for the need to raise their voices to defend the aggrieved peoples,” Arreaza emphasized.

Likewise, the foreign minister highlighted his meeting with the Secretary for Relations of the Vatican, Paul Richard Gallagher, who on behalf of that State ratified the support for dialogue between the Government and the Venezuelan opposition, based in Norway.

Vuelta a la Patria (Return to the homeland) Plan adds another 90 returnees from Brazil

On a new day of the Return to the Homeland Plan, 90 Venezuelans returned to the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela from the city of Boa Vista, Federative Republic of Brazil.

“The Plan Vuelta a la Patria is again present in the responsibilities of the Bolivarian Revolution, which is to serve the Venezuelan people, we are proud to contribute to this great work that is the Vuelta a la Patria plan”, said the Venezuelan consul in Boa Vista, Faustino Torella.

President Maduro: China has shown that it can be a great power without dominating other countries

President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, on the occasion of the 45th anniversary of relations between the People’s Republic of China and Venezuela, stressed that these relations have been strengthened after the arrival of Commander Hugo Chávez.

In terms of health, he stressed that China has committed to equip Venezuela with equipment of the highest level for the health of the people. “Every week, medical teams arrive from China,” he added. “In the area of ​​telecommunications, we are taking the steps for the construction and putting into orbit of the Guaicaipuro satellite. A satellite of the first order in the world, “said the President. He announced that 2,000 new Yutong buses will arrive in Venezuela soon and the assembly of cars will be reactivated.

 President Maduro receives Nobel Peace Prize 2015 winner at the Miraflores Palace

Last Thursday, Head of State and Government, Nicolás Maduro Moros received the 2015 Nobel Peace Prize winner, Houcine Abassi. at the Miraflores Palace

Recently, Abassi affirmed that in order for a dialogue to take place in Venezuela, it must be independent and far from foreign interventions. The Tunisian exhorted the Venezuelans to promote a dialogue without foreign intervention because in his opinion, foreign participations “have never yielded results” in those processes.

Uruguay withdraws from the OAS Assembly

On Thursday, the Eastern Republic of Uruguay withdrew from the 49th General Assembly of the Organization of American States (OAS) held in Medellin, Colombia, after not recognizing the representative of Juan Guaidó – deputy of the National Assembly in contempt – sent to the meeting.

“Venezuela left the OAS on April 27th, after two years since its denunciation of the Organization’s Charter that it had made in 2017. Therefore, Uruguay understood that the presence of a delegation supposedly representing the government of a country that has withdrawn from the Organization – and that is not recognized by half of the OAS membership – lacks legitimacy, violates legal regulations and sets a very grave precedent for the future of the Organization, seriously undermining the credibility of the Organization, seriously undermining the credibility of the Secretary General” read a statement issued by the Uruguayan Foreign Ministry.

Also against the attendance of a Venezuelan opposition delegation were Nicaragua, Grenada, Antigua and Barbuda, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Suriname, Dominica, Trinidad and Tobago and Bolivia.


OPEC agreed to extend production adjustment until March 2020

Last Monday in Vienna, Austria, the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) signed the extension of its voluntary adjustment of production for 9 more months, until March 31st, 2020, to contribute to the balance of the world hydrocarbons market.

In his speech, as president of the OPEC Ministerial Conference for the year 2019, the Minister of the People’s Power for Petroleum, Manuel Quevedo, said: “During the last 30 months or so, we have had significant success in reducing the levels of inventory, return the balance relative to the market and help develop more sustainable stability “.

Seminar on reparations for damages caused by slavery and colonization held in Caracas

This Monday saw the commencement of a new cycle of the theoretical methodological seminar on reparations for the damage caused by slavery and colonization. In the following two days, professor of the Department of African American Studies of the State University of Georgia, Akinyele Umoja, will give a master class on the historical struggles of African-American peoples in the United States.

Umoja is also founder of the Organization of the New African Peoples and of the Malcolm X Base Movement. He explained that the formation and creation of the United States revolved around the colonizers and the colonialism that in turn was characterized by genocide that not only involved the mass murder of a population, but also the appropriation of their lands and the stripping of their identity.

Foreign Minister Arreaza participates in International Seminar on Unilateral Coercive Measures held in Vienna

The unilateral coercive measures adopted illegally by the US government aim to prevent the independence of national processes and impose a model that obeys their economic interests, foreign minister of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Jorge Arreaza emphasized on Thursday.

During his speech at the International Seminar on Unilateral Coercive Measures (MCU) and its Impacts, which took place in Vienna, the Venezuelan diplomat denounced the harmful effects of the arbitrary sanctions that Washington has imposed on Caracas.

“With what moral or legal authority a State tries to impose, even sanction, another country. In which article of the UN Charter is a government allowed to unilaterally pressure another through economic means to achieve the objectives of that country, “he questioned.


The Bolivarian government announces launch of identification card for refugees

President of the National Commission for Refugees (Conare), Juan Carlos Alemán, revealed that “as of this first of July, a new card will enter the probationary period for thirty days, which will serve as an identification document for the refugees in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela “, these statements were issued during the commemoration of World Refugee Day.

The UNHCR representative, Matthew Crentsil said that “this card complies with international human rights standards, and seeks to promote the right to identification, eliminating the status of a stateless person who is not entitled to mobility.”

Foreign Minister Arreaza and Spanish Foreign Minister meet in Madrid

Foreign Minister of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Jorge Arreaza, held a bilateral meeting on Wednesday in Madrid with the Minister of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation of Spain, Josep Borrell. During the meeting, the diplomats evaluated the existing relations between the two countries and shared the interest to advance along the route of dialogue as the only way to guarantee the prosperity of Venezuela.

In this regard, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation, Josep Borrell, expressed to his Venezuelan counterpart, Jorge Arreaza, the firm support of his country in the process of dialogue that takes place in Oslo Norway, because in his opinion , this option constitutes the “best alternative” for the resolution of the political conflict that Venezuela is going through.

 Arreaza: Cuba and Turkey will attend to Venezuelan patients waiting for medical transplants

Foreign minister, Jorge Arreaza, informed on Tuesday that Cuba and Turkey will attend to Venezuelan patients who are awaiting medical transplants. “Cuba is willing to attend to those who are waiting for a medical transplant and Turkey also joins in the cooperation to guarantee health to Venezuelans,” he said during the presentation of the balance of the international tour he made in Europe.

He indicated that after his meeting with representatives of Italy, this nation promised to bear the cost of medical treatments for patients waiting for a transplant in that continent.

 OPEC condemns US sanctions imposed on Venezuela and Iran

In Vienna, Austria, the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) rejected the unilateral sanctions approved by the United States against oil exports from Venezuela and Iran.

OPEC sent a message to the world, which with dialogue can coexist in the midst of differences, with a common goal, market equilibrium and decision-making respecting sovereignty.

 The Office of the Ombudsman of Venezuela will follow up the Acosta case

The Ombudsman’s Office of Venezuela reaffirmed its commitment to follow up on the case of the corvette captain, Rafael Acosta Arévalo, who died last Saturday and for whose death there are already two alleged perpetrators.

The vigilant entity of human rights in Venezuela called on the state security organs to “optimize all their efforts in order to prevent violence and guarantee the life, health and physical, mental and moral integrity of all people, especially those who are deprived of liberty or in their custody.