Weed-smoking dad fatally rolled on top of infant son in sleep

(NY DAILY NEWS) – The British mother of a 4-month-old who was suffocated last year when his father, who’d been smoking pot, rolled on the infant in his sleep, is speaking out about the tragedy.

Holly Hamer didn’t know the exact circumstances of her son Isaac Newton’s death on Sept. 5, 2019, until a letter she received from the coroner in April, the Lancashire Post reported Wednesday.

Isaac’s cause of death was overlaying, when a child has trouble breathing because of the weight placed atop them.

“I didn’t know anything,” the 30-year-old, from Preston, Lancashire — about 230 miles northwest of London — told the outlet. “I feel like I can’t trust anyone. Police, doctors, social services — they all knew, and they never told me.”

The mournful mother said she’s “a broken mess” and hardly leaves her home anymore.

Police “provided [Hamer] with as much detail known at the time into the tragic circumstances surrounding baby Isaac’s death,” authorities told the outlet of the day the little boy died.

Authorities noted that both Hamer and Isaac’s father, Brooklyn Newton, “were subsequently supported with specially trained family liaison officers and a sudden and unexpected deaths in childhood nurse, who kept direct contact with the parents throughout he investigation.”

Though they noted police could answer any of Hamer or Newton’s questions, “in consultation with the senior investigating officer,” authorities noted that they “must be careful not to provide any information to any interested parties which may otherwise prejudice the findings of the inquest.”

In the hours before Isaac died, Newton put the infant in a double bed, smoked cannabis and fell asleep next to his son. When he woke up just before 6 a.m., he found little Isaac was unresponsive.

“When I got to the hospital I had to wait outside for half an hour. I just wanted to see my son,” said Hamer, who suffered four miscarriages before Isaac and another in the months after his death. “When I got in there, he didn’t even look like my son. His face was black. Nobody would tell me what had happened. He had blood coming out of his nose and his eyes were sunken.”

The army steward, who has suffered post-traumatic stress, added that she wasn’t allowed to touch or hold her son, even though his father was.

Believing that Newton, 21, had nothing to do with their son’s death, the two got back together.

In December though, the young man pleaded guilty to assault for having punched, kicked, and spit on Hamer, which earned him a six-week suspended jail sentence.

“I’ve had to bury two of my children,” said Hamer, pointing to the miscarriage she suffered after Isaac’s death.