Visiting Jamaican teen slashes uncle’s throat in the Bronx

(NYDAILYNEWS) – A Bronx construction worker had his throat cut in a street fight with his nephew, police said.

Travis Mason, 18, was charged with manslaughter and murder on Friday night – just 12 hours after he allegedly slit the throat of his 55-year-old uncle Eric Shaw in Fordham Manor.

His aunt claimed the teen had been in New York visiting from Jamaica and was due to return home next week.

A video obtained by the New York Daily News shows Shaw walking toward the corner of East 196th Street and Briggs Avenue when he bumps into Mason.

Mason – who is wearing a black jacket – and his white tank top clad uncle then begin arguing, moments later a fight breaks out.

The young man is then seen slashing his uncle’s neck with a sharp object before running off.

Shaw was rushed to St Barnabas Hospital but he succumbed to his injuries.

‘It’s just a tough situation when your own nephew kills your brother,’ said a woman who identified herself as Shaw’s sister.

Relatives said that Mason was in town for the summer, visiting family, and was working with Shaw at a construction site.

According to Shaw’s sister, the two would fight at work and had to be separated by their boss.

She added that Shaw allegedly threatened his nephew with a box-cutter and that Mason picked up a pair of scissors that he would later use on his uncle.

Police could not find a weapon at the scene, ABC 7 reports.

‘When he was on the job … when he gets there, his uncle was there. Eric (Shaw) said something bad,’ the woman claimed.

She shared that her brother had a temper, and that ‘Eric had a problem…sometimes he liked to argue. I told Travis to ignore Eric.’

Shaw’s sister said that Mason was supposed to return home to Jamaica next week. He is a child of the woman’s sister.