‘Virtual tumour’ new way to see cancer

virtual, tumour, cancer

(BBC) — Scientists in Cambridge have built a virtual reality (VR) 3D model of cancer, providing a new way to look at the disease.

The tumour sample, taken from a patient, can be studied in detail and from all angles, with each individual cell mapped.

Researchers say it will increase our understanding of cancer and help in the search for new treatments.

The project is part of an international research scheme.

How it was done

– Researchers start with a 1mm cubed piece of breast cancer tissue biopsy, containing around 100,000 cells

– Wafer thin slices are cut, scanned and then stained with markers to show their molecular make-up and DNA characteristics

– The tumour is rebuilt using virtual reality

– The 3D tumour can be analysed within a virtual reality laboratory

The VR system allows multiple users from anywhere in the world to examine the tumour.