Venezuela’s would-be president Guaido ‘tours country with astrologer’

(RT) – Venezuela’s presidential pretender Juan Guaido reportedly travels with an astrologer while attempting to drum up support to overthrow sitting President Nicolas Maduro.

In a New Yorker piece on Guaido, writer Jon Lee Anderson details an encounter he had with a man named Davíd who described himself as “the president’s astrologer”. Anderson was granted special access to the Venezuelan upstart and Davíd accompanied them as they toured the Venezuelan state of Vargas in March.

During their interactions, Davíd decried pro-Maduro paramilitary groups as “the incarnation of evil” and “representatives of the Devil on Earth.” He also claimed that Guaido is descendent of a sixteenth-century chieftain who battled the Spanish and that Maduro’s advisers practiced Santería “dark arts.”

The astrologer did have some good news for US President Donald Trump though. He told Anderson that he has “read the cards” and Trump is likely to be reelected in 2020, but it depends on Venezuela “becoming free.”