Venezuelan Govt Reveals Plans of Far-Right ‘Terrorist’ Cell

(TELESUR) – Vice President of Communication, Tourism, and Culture of Venezuela, Jorge Rodriguez, revealed Thursday the members and plans of a far-right “terrorist” group called Cocoon 2.0, based off of information provided by Roberto Marrero Borgas and other found in his cellphone after his March 21 capture.

Marrero Borgas alleged “chief of staff” for lawmaker Juan Guaido, was arrested after the Venezuelan intelligence agencies and the Public Prosecutor’s Office found a link between him and violent far-right organizations, that aimed to aggravate plans in order to destabilize the Bolivarian government.

“A batch of military-grade weapons and cash in foreign currency was seized during a search conducted at his residence,” stated the Interior Minister Nestor Reverol on a press conference on the day of the arrest.

During an official press conference, Rodriguez said Thursday that through the information voluntarily provided to prosecutors of the Public Ministry and officials in charge of the case, as well as that found in the accused cellphone, a large operation of political, military and financial aggression was unveiled.

“In Mr. Marrero phone there are groups of fascist, terrorist factors of the Venezuelan right, planning violent actions and to steal state assets,” added the government official.

One of the groups is the so-called “Cocoon 2.0”, whose members are Juan Guaido, Ricardo Hausmann, Freddy Guevara, Leopoldo Lopez, Octavio Lara, Alejandro Plaz, Baquero, Carlos Vecchio, Enrique Sanchez Falcon, Fernando Martinez Mottola, Gerardo Blyde, Gustavo Tarre, Jose Ignacio Hernandez, Juan Andres Mejía, Juan Carlos Gutierrez, Julio Castillo, Sergio Vergara, Victorino, Gina Montiel, Douglas Barrios, Mike Penfold, Jose Joaquin Da Silva, Luis Vezga Godoy, and Tuto Quiroga.