Venezuela Scenario: US Launches Attack On Russia’s Power Grid

(TELESUR) – According to an exclusive report published by the New York Times, the United States government has planted malware in Russia’s electrical grid system in an act of revenge for “Russian interference,” according to former and current government officials.

It seems that Venezuela was a testing ground for the Trump administration in deploying more aggressive tools to interfere with the infrastructure of non-aligned countries. The current reports make the allegations of the Venezuelan authorities a lot more plausible.

Past Tuesday, White House National Security Advisor John Bolton announced during a live conference with the Wall Street Journal that the United States would step up its efforts to counter the interference of Russia and other countries in its internal affairs and that they would “pay a price”for doing so.

The FBI has also released various reports that Russia has released malware into American infrastructure that could paralyze the country in times of war. However, the warnings remain unfounded.

The U.S. administration has so far declined what specific actions it would take in its efforts to expand a cyber-war against other countries.

Critics of the U.S. offensive against Russia say that the new and aggressive strategy by the United States could easily escalate into a cold-cyberwar.

The Pentagon received the permission for the expansion of its cyber-operations seperately by the U.S. Congress and the White House.