Venezuela Reveals More Links Between Opposition and Foiled Plot

(TELESUR) – It was learned that so-called “investors” gave US$300 million to former Miami-based Guaido adviser, Juan Jose Rendon.

Venezuela’s government revealed Monday new evidence that shows that the United States-backed opposition was aware of the foiled May 3 plot aimed at killing President Nicolas Maduro.

The Minister of Communication Jorge Rodriguez presented an audio testimony that ties Venezuelan lawmaker Hernan Aleman with the failed mercenary raid.

During the recording, Aleman is heard saying he maintained links with Cliver Alcala, the ringleader of the Venezuelan military deserters that are hiding in Colombia and who is now in U.S. custody on charges of drug trafficking.

The lawmaker also admitted that he had visited the mercenary training camps in Riohacha in northern Colombia. Both former U.S. green berets Luke Denman and Airan Berry, arrested on May 3, explained that about 300 deserters were training there as part of ‘Operation Gedeon’.

Aleman also mentioned that he saw armed personel wearing uniforms with the U.S. flag on them and that he knew that U.S. troops were intended to arrive in Colombia.

As the Venezuelan Minister of Communication revealed, the opposition lawmaker was in contact with a CIA agent through a meeting provided by James Broward Story, the U.S. special envoy for Juan Guaido. The U.S. diplomat received the Venezuelan deputy at his embassy and there they discussed the armed incursion.

Amongst other evidence provided by Rodriguez was the revelation that the Futuro Presente foundation, a supposed NGO, channeled money to pay “deserters and traitors” who arrived in Cucuta on Feb. 23, 2019.