Venezuela: Gov’t, Opposition Hold New Talks, Reach New Agreements

(TELESUR) – Minister of Communications of Venezuela Jorge Rodríguez said Wednesday that progress has been made around the agreement between the government and opposition parties of Venezuela regarding one month after the installation of the political dialogue table.

Rodríguez told reporters that a complimentary discussion table was set up on the formation of a new National Electoral Council (CNE), for which the participants should look for avenues of discussion with the people and political factors.

Rodríguez stressed at the dialogue tables they evaluate the expansion of electoral guarantees, in the face of the upcoming parliamentary elections.

He said they are preparing a list of guarantees, which were mostly agreed in the dialogue held in the Dominican Republic. The minister informed that they also are also working on returning to the proportional representation mechanism.

Regarding the freedom of some detainees in the country, he said that on Thursday the president of the Truth Commission and attorney general, Tarek William Saab, will offer details on the measures to replace sentences and the people who will be benefited.

The political factors of Venezuela also maintain consensus regarding the dispute over the Esequibo territory and the rejection of the United States coercive measures against the South American nation.

Rodríguez explained that a table was installed on the effects of the blockade on the economy, and to look for ways to promote the exchange of oil for medicines and food.