August 13, 2020

Venezuela Celebrates 70 Years of Bolivarian National Army

(TELESUR) – Venezuela celebrated the National Day of the Bolivarian Army Monday to pay tribute to soldiers who gave up their lives for the freedom of the country at the Battle of Carabobo in 1821.

The commemoration of the army day began in 1949 after the fall of the dictatorship of Marcos Perez Jumenez in 1958.

Previously the Army was composed of all forces military of Venezuela, but from 1958 the components are divided into army, navy, aviation, and national guard.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said during a speech at the ceremony “Previously the army was composed of all forces military of Venezuela, from 1958 the components are divided into Army, Navy, (The Navy), Aviation and National Guard.”

For 70 years, the Army Day is commemorated to celebrate the Armed Forces which is the heir of the Liberation Army, which was listed as the National Army since 1811.

The date was created with the objective of paying tribute to the citizens who gave their life for the Independence of the South American country.

Now the Bolivarian Army of Venezuela has as its main obligation and task to be in charge of land operations and to protect the borders of Venezuelan territory from foreign threats.

The army adopted the Bolivarian ideology to contribute to the development of an anti-imperialist and deeply socialist ideology.

Hugo Chavez, the leader of the Bolivarian Revolution embedded the ideology in the armed forces and emphasized the idea of being free and not depending on political doctrines from other countries.

Maduro added that the military institution responds to the interests of country’s people, their struggle against the injustices and the attempts of domination promoted by Western countries over Venezuela and the region.

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