USA:Baby found on side of freeway with cash, birth certificate

A baby boy was left abandoned on the side of a freeway in Oklahoma with nothing but a few thousand dollars and identification tucked into his car seat.

The shocking discovery was made Saturday afternoon by a church group returning from an amusement park.

“I feel like God used our youth group to save someone’s life Saturday,” Ken Angel, the pastor of Abba’s House of Worship Center, told Fox.

Angel said about 15 members of his church were on a bus back to Ada after spending the day at Frontier City. As they were driving down Interstate 40, the bus driver noticed a car seat on the side of the road.

At first the driver thought a baby doll was in the carrier, but noticed that two tiny feet were kicking. The driver immediately pulled over and the group went to check on the baby as someone called 911.

Police said the baby boy, who appears to be no older than three months, was most likely left outside in the 91-degree heat for about 30 minutes, KFOR reports.

According to authorities, whoever abandoned the child left $5,500 in cash, a birth certificate and the baby’s social security card.

The infant was taken to the hospital to be evaluated, and workers said the baby appeared to be well taken care of and was clean and healthy.

Authorities tracked down the baby’s mother, but have not revealed a motive. She was taken to the hospital for evaluation.


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