USA: Teen fatally shot as he tries to protect mother

Javier Flores was fatally shot Wednesday night trying to protect his mother. (VIA GOFUNDME)

A teen Subway sandwich shop employee in Houston was killed as he tried to protect his mother during an attempted robbery on Wednesday night.

Javier Flores, 18, and his mom were the only people working in the eatery near closing time in southeast Houston when two assailants rushed in and pointed a gun at the woman.

The high school junior attempted to push her out of the way as the suspect was firing, according to Houston Detective David Crowder. The teen was shot as he tried to intervene, and was pronounced dead at a nearby hospital.

“I call him my hero just for doing that,” his friend Endy Herrera told KHOU. The suspects fled empty-handed. They are believed to be black and 16 to 20 years of age.

Another Subway in Houston was robbed after the fatal shooting, and the descriptions of the suspects matched the first crime, according to KHOU. (NY daily news)

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