US Publicly Admits Support for Coup Attempt in Venezuela

(TELESUR) – International law seems to matter little to the United States (U.S.) government as they once again have publicly expressed support for a coup attempt against the constitutional and democratically elected government of Venezuela.

Venezuelan Gov’t Denies Takeover of La Carlota Air Base as part of Coup Attempt

One of the first to ratify his support for the destabilizing attempt was U.S. Senator Marco Rubio, who as news of an attempted coup reached the world early Tuesday morning, has tweeted 30 messages vehemently expressing his desire to see President Nicolas Maduro deposed.

Venezuelan state officials responded, denouncing the comments of foreigner government leaders.

Vice President of Venezuela Delcy Rodriguez tweeted Tuesday: “In a shameless and immoral way, the U.S. government recognizes its authorship in this criminal attempt of a coup in Venezuela! They show the world their desire to destroy our Homeland!”

Minister of Communication Jorge Rodriguez reported that a group of about 50 soldiers located in the Altamira highway, in eastern Caracas, to promote a coup supporting the far-right’s agenda.

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