‘Urine therapy’ is the latest health craze

(NY POST) – Proponents of drinking your own pee and rubbing it on your skin claim the practice leads to the fountain of youth.

“After I started fasting, the pee stopped smelling and started tasting like coconut water,” said Julia Sillaman, a 26-year-old painter from Maryland.

Now, despite the sudden plethora of people gulping down the salty stuff, many doctors agree that it’s not actually good for you.

For one thing, urine is essentially a waste product – meaning it’s made up of a mix of water and stuff your body has already worked hard to get rid of.

“It is a common belief that urine is sterile – which it normally is if you don’t have a problem with your renal tract,” Dr Zubair Ahmed tells BBC Three.

“However, once it leaves the body, it can be contaminated with certain bacteria – and ingesting this bacteria can make you feel unwell and can lead to serious complications.”

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