Uber driver jumps from speeding car after being kidnapped, assaulted

(NY POST) – A 26-year-old Uber driver bailed out of her vehicle at 60 mph on a Georgia highway after being kidnapped at knifepoint and assaulted by a truck driver whose rig broke down, according to reports.

“I took my seat belt off and grabbed my phone and in that second that’s when I opened the door and jumped,” Carolina Vargas said, according to WTVF.

“I just remember feeling a ball of fire where the tire drove over me,” said Vargas, who lost several teeth and suffered facial and leg injuries in the horrific ordeal.

Vargas, who drives for the rideshare company in Nashville, said the trucker — identified as Christopher Miller — hired her on May 5 to take him to Cleveland, Tennessee, after his vehicle broke down.

That trip was uneventful, she said, but things took a horrible turn after Miller called her again three days later and asked her to drive him back to Nashville.

At one point, he told her he knew a faster route to avoid traffic, according to WKRN. He then suddenly pulled out a knife, Vargas said.

“I didn’t do anything to trigger him and he put the knife here in my side and said, ‘Now you are going to do what I say,’” she said.

Vargas begged the man to let her go, but quickly realized that she had no choice but to jump from the speeding Ford Explorer.

“I didn’t break one bone. And I’m so grateful just to be alive. I couldn’t believe everything was so fast,” she said.

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