Top job opens in Romania – but no candidates apply

(SKY NEWS) – Applications for one of Romania’s most prestigious jobs close on Monday, but there’s just one problem: nobody has applied.

The role of chief anti-corruption prosecutor, one of the country’s most scrutinised positions, was advertised after Laura Codruta Kovesi was fired for alleged misconduct on 9 July.

But with hours to go until the vacancy closed, it emerged that no one has thrown their hat into the ring.

Justice minister Tudorel Toader, who engineered Ms Kovesi’s departure, suggested potential candidates had not applied because they believed the selection process was rigged – with Mr Toader stressing that this is not the case.

He also suspects prosecutors do not want the job because they know how much work is necessary to make Romania’s Anti-Corruption Directorate (known as DNA for short) function well.

Ms Kovesi’s dismissal raised concerns at home and abroad about the country’s commitment to fighting corruption – with critics saying it was a bid by the government to rein in the anti-corruption fight.