Teen walked for 6 hours to find help after mother was killed in massacre

NYPOST) – Devin Blake Langford and his eight siblings were piled into their mom’s Chevy Suburban on Monday, making their way to a family gathering when the domestic tableau was shattered in a hail of gunfire.

The horrific scene could have paralyzed even the toughest of adults — but not the steely-nerved 13-year-old, who ushered his six surviving siblings into a hiding spot before bravely trekking 14 miles through war-torn cartel turf to seek help, according to his family.

Within moments, his mother and two of his brothers were killed by Mexican drug-cartel gunfire right before his eyes.

Mom Dawna Langford was driving the clan from their community of LaMora in Sonora, Mexico, to visit family — when all hell broke loose.

“All of a sudden, bullets just rained from above, from on top of a hill, down on top of them,” relative Lafe Langford told CNN on Wednesday.

Dawna, 11-year-old Trevor and 2-year-old Rogan were all slain.

Once the firing stopped, a group of men came down from the mountain and “pulled all these kids that were still alive,” Lafe Langford said, recalling what the survivors told him had occurred.

“They basically told them to get out of here. So they immediately started walking toward home.”

It was unclear whether those men were the same who opened fire.