Teacher fired after ‘breaking autistic boy’s arm’

(Metro.uk) – A teacher was reportedly fired after CCTV footage showed her dragging a screaming 9-year-old autistic boy across the floor when he refused to walk. In the footage, Trina Abrams can be seen marching down a corridor of Wurtland Elementary School, in Kentucky, while pulling the youngster along by his hand.

His mother Angel Nelson, who shared the clip on social media, claims that her son was left with a fractured wrist as a result of what happened.

Mrs Abrams was reportedly in charge of the school’s special needs program before she was let go over the incident, which occurred on October 24. The little boy suffers from numerous diagnoses including autism, ADHD, and PTSD.

In the clip, Mrs Abrams can be heard asking the boy if he wants to walk and begins dragging him shortly after he says no.

She then stops halfway down the corridor and tells him to ‘get up’, to which he again refuses to do, resulting in her continuing to pull him by the arm.

Ms Nelson wrote online: ‘Mrs. Abrams forcefully grabbed my son by the wrist and bent it backward while he was experiencing a meltdown (which he sometimes experiences as part of his diagnoses).

After he let go of the chair, she grabbed him by the wrist and drug him down the hallway from one classroom into another.’ She continued that her son said Mrs Abrams also threw him down onto a chair, but added that she was unable to know if anything else happened due to his speech limitations and the positioning of the cameras at the school.