Russian TV touts missile targets in U.S

Moscow — Russia dialled up its military rhetoric this week with state television naming U.S. military facilities that Moscow would target in response to a hypothetical U.S. nuclear strike.

The segment on a flagship Sunday news show — first of this kind since March 2014, when the same show stated that Russia was capable of “turning the U.S. into radioactive ashes” — came on the heels of the two countries suspending a 1980s nuclear arms control treaty and President Vladimir Putin announcing work on a new hypersonic nuclear missile.

“Vengeance on the U.S. territory is (a matter of) principle to us,” he said.

Kiselyov’s weekly show, “Vesti Nedeli,” is one of the most watched news programs in Russia. It is broadcast on Rossia 1, a state-owned and state-funded TV channel, the editorial policies of which are reportedly coordinated directly with the Kremlin. 

The edition of the show in question was aired just days after Putin said Moscow was prepared to respond if the U.S. were to deploy more missiles in Europe.