Putin: US Army Intervention in Venezuela Would be a Disaster

(TELESUR) – Russian President Vladimir Putin warned Thursday that a U.S. military intervention in Venezuela would be a disaster and said even Washington’s allies did not support such a course of action.

“We are against intervention into interior political affairs of other countries. We think it causes drastic, if not tragic consequences. The cases of countries like Libya, Iraq are the best proof to that,” the Russia leader told journalists and added that his country does not approve of such ideas or plans towards Venezuela, a country that has traditionally been a close ally.

“We do not approve, we condemn such actions, let alone military intervention, it is a disaster. But as I assume, according to the information I have, even the U.S. allies do not support military intervention.”

Speaking at an economic forum in St Petersburg, Putin also said that Russian technical specialists remained in Venezuela in order to service Russian military hardware, something he said they were contractually obliged to do.

However, he said Moscow was not setting up any special military bases in Venezuela.

In addition, Putin also accused the United States of having destabilized the entire structure of the global security system by withdrawing or suspending important arms control treaties.

“Our American partners got out of the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty (…) it was the first step to dismantle from their bases the whole structure of international relations in the sphere of global security,” Putin said at the meeting in St. Petersburg with the main international news agencies.

“And it was a very serious step. Now we are talking about the exit, also unilateral, from our US partners of the INF Treaty on medium and short-range missiles,” said the president.