Peru Prevents Venezuelans From Returning Home

Venezuela’s government denounced on Sunday Peruvian fuel companies for refusing to provide gas for the Return to the Homeland initiative. The move left the refugees stranded in the Andean country, but still far from their native Venezuela.

Conviasa Airline, the company received a statement from the Peruvian government that read, “given the new and greater U.S. sanctions, fuel suppliers are refusing to offer fuel service to everything related to the Venezuelan state.”

The flight scheduled for Saturday would have flown some 100 Venezuelans back to their nation from Peru, where, reports say, they have been subjected to mistreatment, labor exploitation, and xenophobia.

Since entering office in 2016, the United States administration under President Donald Trump has slapped over 300 economic and political santions on the Venezuelan state, its companies and individuals from the oil-rich nation.

On Aug. 5, the Trump cabinet announced a full-blown blockade on Venezuela, threatening sanctions on any U.S. company, and even foreign nations and businesses that carry out any type of economic transaction with a Venezuelan entity.

Over Twitter, Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza confirmed that Peruvian companies continue to refuse to fuel the humanitarian flights, which were grounded Saturday. “It is not the first time that this has happened,” said the top diplomat.

Venezuelan Minister also demanded Venezuelans’ human right to return to their homes be respected.