Partners in crime — and love

(NY DAILY NEWS) – Two’s company – and three’s a crime.

The young Tribeca man suspected of slashing his mother’s throat and tossing her corpse in the trash enlisted his two girlfriends to dispose of the body in a menage-a-macabre, according to two college friends of Caitlyn O’Rourke.

The 21-year-old O’Rourke met Jared Eng about 18 months ago when both were students at SUNY-New Paltz, and the couple welcomed Jennifer Lopez, 18, into their relationship early last fall, the friends told the Daily News.

The throuple “all seemed great,” a 20-year-old female friend said Thursday. “They were completely happy together. All three of them were extremely stable, happy, healthy.

“It’s probably the mother that became an issue.”

Police sources agree, with the 22-year-old Eng identified as the prime suspect in the death of his mom Paula Chin and a co-conspirator with his two lovers in a botched attempt to hide the heinous crime.

A criminal complaint charged Lopez was behind the wheel when Paula Chin’s body was driven from Tribeca to suburban Morristown, N.J., where Eng and the two women worked as a team to stuff her remains into a garbage can left at the curb for pickup.

The three lovers even conversed via speakerphone after the killing, according to a detailed criminal complaint.

The two O’Rourke pals expressed disbelief that she was arrested with Lopez and their boyfriend in connection with the killing.

“This is definitely not Cait and she was probably dragged into it because she’s been with Jared so long and would do anything for him,” said the classmate at SUNY-New Paltz. “That’s her first boyfriend.”

On Jan. 31, both classmates received Facebook messages from O’Rourke saying she needed $20 to visit her ailing grandmother. One of the women sent the money along via Venmo.

On that same day, Eng and Lopez were caught by security video loading his mother’s corpse into the back of a vehicle belonging to the dead woman. Authorities charge the two drove from Tribeca to the family home in New Jersey with the body in the trunk.

By Feb. 1, O’Rourke had joined Eng and Lopez at the Jersey home on a wooded lot off a two-lane road. By Wednesday, all were accused for what police sources called a failed coverup.

“During the weekend I asked her how her grandma was, and she said ‘good’ and that she was just with her family,” said a second friend. “I don’t even know if that was true.”

The three students, who met as freshmen in 2016, shared a Tuesday morning bite to eat at a campus café, although O’Rourke was totally rattled when they met up again around noon.

“She definitely seemed scared, anxious, pretty shaken,” said the first friend.

The suspect’s weeping mother reached out to the first friend on Wednesday with word that Eng’s mother was found dead and the police were investigating.

“So we went to see if (Cait) was in her room,” said the first friend. “And she wasn’t.”

Early Thursday morning, O’Rourke was behind bars on $50,000 bail — charged with concealing a corpse and tampering with physical evidence,