Operation Miracle Gives Sight to Nearly 50 Thousand Venezuelans

(TELESUR) – The Cuban-Venezuelan project Misión Milagro (Miracle Mission) operated on more than 49,200 patients in the South American nation, said the director of Surgical Medical Assistance of that instance, Adith León.

In an interview with the Sovereign Health radio program, led by the minister of the portfolio, Carlos Alvarado, the official highlighted the achievements of this initiative in the last 15 years.

For his part, the head of Health said that some 300 Venezuelans have been trained in the field of electromedicine to achieve the goal of technological sovereignty based on scientific capabilities.

Patients with ophthalmological pathologies from 39 countries have benefited from the program strengthened in 2005 when leaders Fidel Castro and Hugo Chávez agreed to operate more than six million people over a period of ten years in the so-called Sandino Commitment.

Mission Miracle serves low-income patients with conditions such as cataracts, fleshiness, glaucoma, strabismus, retinal detachment, cornial dystrophy, advanced keratoconus, secondary ectasias, among others.

To date, the project has benefited patients from Latin America, the Caribbean, Africa and some European countries.