Nicaraguan Gov’t Fulfills Prisoner Release Agreements

(TELESUR) – Nicaragua’s government announced on Tuesday that it has complied with the Amnesty Law by releasing all prisoners involved with right-wing U.S-backed violence during the destabilization process that shook the country in 2018.

“Reaching the agreed upon date, the Nicaraguan State and the Government of Reconciliation and National Unity confirm that all those people stipulated in Amnesty Law No. 996, enjoy their freedom,” an official statement reads.

This is the culminating result of negotiation talks between Daniel Ortega’s administration and opposition delegations that started on March 27, when the list of prisoners to be released was agreed upon.

After reaching certain accords, and in an effort led by the Sandinista Front for National Liberation (FSLN) to bring peace and reconciliation, Nicaragua’s National Assembly approved on June 8 the law which provides one-off amnesty to those who committed crimes during the nation’s drawn-out, right-wing protests last year.

Such a process was closely followed and witnessed by the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), Nicaragua’s Catholic Church, and a special adviser from the Organization of American States. However, article 3 of the constitution states that the amnesty is conditional and will be withdrawn if the perpetrators re-offend.

Between June 10 and 11, Nicaragua released 106 prisoners following the decision,  gradually the rest of prisoners have being released to reach a total of 142 people.

The right-wing opposition in Nicaragua, who received funds and training from the U.S. government’s National Endowment for Democracy, has been responsible for a number of criminal offenses in their bid to overthrow the elected government led by Daniel Ortega.

Most recently, the remains of an elderly Sandinista supporter, Bismarck Martinez, were found in Jinotepe, Nicaragua. Martinez had been kidnapped and tortured to death by opposition activists.

Yet the government hopes that by reaching these agreements and fulfilling its promises peace will return to the country.