Massive Mobilization In Buenos Aires Against Coup In Bolivia

(TELESUR) – Thousands of demonstrators marched Tuesday along the main avenue in Argentina’s capital to reach the Bolivian Embassy in Buenos Aires, condemning the coup that Bolivia is going through and offering full support to the legitimate president Evo Morales.

A prominent figure of the Bolivian community in that country Iber Mamani thanked the”support offered by the social and political organizations of the popular Argentinian countryside that pronounced themselves against the coup,” and demanded the protection of “the lives of the comrades who today are being persecuted, kidnapped and tortured.”

The leader of the MST Vilma Ripoll also present at the march, expressed the her “rejection to the coup carried out by the big bosses, the corporations and the armed forces, and endorsed by politicians like Mauricio Macri who until now has not declared anything about it.”

In dialogue with Pagina 12, Ripoll added that Evo Morales “had pending tasks in Bolivia, such as the purging of the armed forces.”

“We are here to repudiate what has no other qualification than a coup. We are very concerned about Evo’s physical integrity, as well as the threat to the region. We have to remember and prevent the return of coups in Latin America,” Argentinian Frente de Todos lawmaker Itai Hagman said amid flags and traditional Bolivian dances.

“Jallalla Evo Morales” was the expression most repeated by the Bolivian community installed at the door of the Bolivian Embassy in Argentina, a Quechua Aymara expression that symbolizes the unity of the people, their sense of belonging.

“We will return better, we will fight, we will win and we will return. Long live Evo Morales Ayma,” Bolivians living in Argentina chanted in unison.

Morales was forced to resign Sunday after senior army and police chiefs called on him to do so following weeks of right-wing unrest and violence against his Oct. 20 elections victory, in what his government has called a coup by opposition forces in the country.

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