LONDON: Woman Charged With Planning To Bomb ST Paul’s Cathedral

(TELESUR) – A woman appeared in court Wednesday under charges of terrorism including allegedly investigating and preparing a bomb attack on St. Paul’s Cathedral in England.

According to police authorities, Safiyya Amira Shaikh of 36 years old was arrested at the Westminster Magistrates Court and will appear again before the Old Bailey Court on November first.

The official statement revealed that Shaikh, residing in Hayes, west of London, was accused of preparing terrorist acts between August and October of this year, as well as contact with someone she believed might help her make explosives.

The statement also clarifies that preparations for those attacks also included travelling to London and staying in a hotel for reconnaissance.

Specifically, it was noted that “the hotel selected was ideal for planting the first bomb” and that the suspect then conducted an analysis of St Paul’s security system, “to find the best place to place a second bomb.”

She is also charged with preparing the words of a pledge of allegiance to the Islamic state.