Indonesians worry another tsunami is coming,

Indonesians, tsunami

(CNN)As the threat of more deadly tsunamis casts a pall of fear over Indonesia, the country’s National Disaster Mitigation Agency said Monday that more than 5,600 people are displaced.

That’s on top of 373 Indonesians killed, 1,459 injured and 128 missing. Want to help victims of the tsunami?
Even if no more disasters like Saturday’s tsunami strike the Java and Sumatra coasts, those numbers could still rise, as authorities work to gauge the scope of the disaster.
The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies in Indonesia expects the death toll to rise, spokeswoman Kathy Mueller said, explaining that the nonprofit is providing residents with basic household items, clean water and equipment to clear debris.
Doctors Without Borders also expects the number of injured to go up, as more victims were expected to arrive at hospitals over the coming days.
On top of the massive human toll, the property damage is also extensive. Early assessments indicate that 558 hotels were destroyed, and nine hotels, 60 restaurants and 350 boats suffered heavy damage.