France: Workers Paralyze Transport to Reject Pension Reform

For the third consecutive day, France is protesting against a pension reform through a nationwide general strike that keeps public transport paralyzed on Saturday.

This is the result of the joint action of the workers of the national state-owned railway company SNCF and the workers of the public transport company in Paris RATP, who announced that their strike would continue until Dec. 9.

Last Thursday, over 1 million French took the streets of Paris to reject the policies of President Emmanuel Macron, who has not yet revealed the full scope of his reforms.

On the first day of the national strike, the police violently attacked the demonstrators and arrested more than one hundred people.

However, French citizens continued to denounce that pension reform’s real purpose is to diminish the rights acquired by workers.

If Macron’s proposal were to be implemented, retirees’ pension could be reduced by hundreds of euros and the retirement minimum age would increase concerning the current requirement (62 years).​​​​​​​