Ethiopia: 50 people killed in garbage landslide

At least 48 people, mostly women and children, died, while dozens are feared to be buried under piles of waste after a colossal rubbish dump outside Ethopia’s capital, Addis Ababa, collapsed on Saturday night, devouring makeshift homes and waste pickers alike.

What triggered the landslide at the Koshe landfill that for over 50 years has served as the city’s main garbage dump has not been yet determined. However, local residents suspect the tragedy can be blamed on the recent restart of dumping at the site following a pause that lasted for a few years.

“We told them not to dump waste at the top. I think the decision by city officials to resume dumping some months back was the main reason for this accident, which has so far buried at least 20 houses,” Assefa Teklemahimanot, a local resident, said, as cited by Euronews.        RT NEWS READ MORE HERE 

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