Ecuador protests: President imposes curfew amid worsening violence

(BBC) – Ecuador’s president has ordered the capital, Quito, and surrounding areas to be placed under curfew in a bid to curb violent protests.

“We’re going to restore order in all of Ecuador,” Lenín Moreno vowed in a televised address.

Parts of Quito have descended into chaos after more than a week of clashes between demonstrators and riot police.

Mr Moreno said the protesters, who are led by indigenous groups, had agreed to direct talks for the first time.

They are demanding the return of fuel subsidies, scrapped by the government as part of a package of austerity measures. Some have called for the resignation of the president, who has declared a two-month national emergency.

Mr Moreno said the curfew would take effect on Saturday at 15:00 (20:00 GMT).

“I’ve ordered the joint command of the armed forces to immediately take steps necessary to re-establish order in all of Ecuador,” he said.

The armed forces said movement would be restricted across the country for 24 hours.

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