Ecuador Assembly Calls for President’s Removal, Early Polls

Former members of Ecuadorean President Lenin Moreno’s own party, Alianza PAIS, have announced they are demanding early presidential and congressional elections due to the executive’s “non-compliance of functions.”

Assemblymember and leader of the left-leaning Citizens’ Revolution, Gabriela Rivadeneira, announced her party wants early elections in order to “move past the political crisis” that the country is going through.

Former president of the assembly during ex-president Rafael Correa’s last administration, Gabriela Rivadeneira “insisted” Thursday evening that the assembly call an “extraordinary session” to examine the administration’s “austerity measures” and process the “removal of President Lenin Moreno.”

“We want to investigate the use of the state of exception and the removal of President Lenin Moreno,” announced Rivadeneira during an Oct. 3 press conference in Quito. The administration announced a state of exception on Thursday.

A break away party from Alianza PAIS after it was converted into a neoliberal machine by Moreno once he entered office in 2017, Citizens’ Revolution (CR) was founded last year by former president Rafael Correa. The party seeks to maintain the original left-leaning ideology of Alianza PAIS, which Correa also founded and previously led for over a decade until he stepped down two years ago.

“We echo what the people want—early elections,” said the assembly leader.

“This is a constitutional right and the only way to get past the political crisis that the country is going through,” said the influential assembly member.