Dead beetle falls out of 6-year-old girl’s eye

(NY DAILY NEWS) – A Missouri girl who woke up crying about a burning sensation in her left eyeball soon realized a black cedar beetle was the source of her misery.

SibiKaia Monk, 6, complained to her mother Kris that her eye had become irritated during an afternoon bonfire celebrating a family member’s birthday late last month. According to 7 News, the child initially compared the discomfort to a tickling sensation akin to the sort of irritation caused by an eyelash. It wasn’t until 1:30 a.m. that the increasing soreness awoke the child.

Kris looked at her daughter’s eye and saw there was irritation, so she and SibiKaia’s dad, Joseph, drove their daughter to a hospital 20 minutes away. Around 3 a.m., a black beetle, reportedly the size of a kidney bean, fell out of the girl’s eye.

It was said to have found its way under the child’s eyelid and into her tear duct before dying and being rejected by SibiKaia’s body. The pest fell onto the waiting room floor, where it shocked everyone but the little girl in which had been living.

“My reaction, the nurse’s reaction and the doctor’s initial reaction was just this full-body shudder,” Kris said.

According to her, SibiKaia’s first thought was to name the dead bug. “Hello, Todd,” the girl said before coolly walking away.

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