Chile: President Piñera Revokes Santiago Subway Fare Hike

(TELESUR) – Chilean President Sebastian Piñera has announced that the Santiago subway fare increase that went into effect last Monday, has been revoked after a week of tense protests by students and subway users against the price hike.

During a special announcement on Saturday afternoon, President Piñera said that the subway price hike, issued by decree two weeks ago, has been eliminated, but that a law for the same issue will “soon be approved” by lawmakers.

The trigger for the protests was the 30 peso increase in the price of the subway tickets to 830 pesos, or US$1.20, at rush hour.

Outrage around the second price hike this year was amplified when the Minister of Economy Juan Andres Fontaine said that passengers should get up early to take advantage of the lower fare in effect between 6:00 a.m. and 7:00 a.m.