Chile: 100 Organizations Call for ‘Super Monday’ Protests

(TELESUR) – More than 100 Chilean organizations, trade unions and social organizations, who have come together under the banner of Social Unit Roundtable, made a new call to take to the streets Monday to continue their demands for an overhaul of the country’s constitution and economic and political models.

In the capital, the call is to meet at 5:00 p.m. local time in Plaza Italia to start a march from there, along the Alameda, towards Plaza Los Héroes. Earlier, at noon, the meeting point of the mobilizations will be the front of the capital’s headquarters of Congress to demand that lawmakers stop debates and sessions regarding bills that only aim to deepen inequalities.

“We reaffirm the call of the super Monday, where at 5:00 p.m. in Plaza Italia we will convene to make a new demonstration day,” said the president of the CUT, Barbara Figueroa.

“[B]ecause we are clear that as long as there is no pressure, there is a government agenda that goes to keep moving forward, there are legislative urgencies that are going to keep moving forward and, unfortunately, we have an opposition that in this has not had firmness to clarify that as long as Chile is not normal, parliament cannot continue functioning as if nothing happens.

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