Brooklyn man charged with killing and burning his mom

(NYDAILYNEWS) – A 32-year-old Brooklyn man knifed his mother to death, then tried to burn the body before ultimately stuffing her remains upside down in a bedroom closet, cops said Friday.

Jason Reeves was charged with murder after cops discovered his mother’s body during a wellness check at their apartment on Park Place — part of the Albany Houses — on Wednesday.

Cops were called to the location after Reeves’ mother didn’t show up for her job at a local middle school and a co-worker became worried about her well being, a police sources with knowledge of the case said.

It’s believed that Reeves killed her mother earlier in the week, officials said. The woman’s name was not immediately disclosed.

When cops arrived on Wednesday, Reeves answered the door and said that his mother “was gone,” sources said. The officer’s smelled the woman’s decomposing corpse and found her remains.

Reeves was arrested after questioning at the 77th Precinct. An autopsy has been slated to determine how the woman died.

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