Brazilian Judge Rules in Favor of Nazism and Swastika Symbols

(TELESUR) – In the city of Itajai, state of Santa Catarina, Brazil, the First Criminal Court Judge Augusto Cesar Aguiar on Tuesday acquitted two Nazi sympathizers of charges of the crime of race prejudice.​​​​​​

“I have to consider the evidence of the process and the context of the facts. The defendants posted posters and, on their personal Facebook profile, they posted photos of the swastika and dictator Hitler; [however] they did not do so with the specific intention of spreading Nazism or incite it,” the judge wrote in his sentence.

The Santa Catarina Prosecutor’s Office established a complaint against Fabiano Schmitz and Kaleb Frutuoso for a crime of racial prejudice and Nazism.

Yesterday Judge Aguiar ruled that the actions of these two Brazilians did not represent an incitement to racial hatred or support for the Nazi.​​​​​​​

According to the prosecution, however, posters placed all over Itajai were signed by “The White Front,” which is an extremist, supremacist, neo-nazi organization.​​​​​​​

Among the evidence ignored by the Santa Catarina judge, there was also a tattoo that honored the “Wiking Division,” a Nazi military organization.

Aguiar considered that such evidence was not valid, for the tattoo drawing “was not the swastika cross.”

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