BRAZIL: GANGS vow to enforce curfew in Rio’s favelas

(DAILY MAIL) – Brazilian police flew a helicopter across a beach to create a sandstorm and chase away renegade sunbathers who were flouting coronavirus rules.

Police steered the aircraft over Galheta beach in the city of Florianopolis, flinging sand towards people who were sitting by the seaside.

The helicopter later landed near the beach where officers remonstrated with the last remaining pleasure-seekers who were still not getting the message.

Brazil’s government has yet to impose a national lockdown, but the state of Santa Catarina which includes Florianopolis has enacted its own ban on gathering in public spaces such as beaches.

The police told local media that most of the beachgoers left the scene after the flight, but some were still there when they returned, forcing them to land close to the beach to then tell them to leave.

Police sources said flights monitoring the beaches would continue for the next few days.

The government of Santa Catarina declared a state of emergency on March 17, prohibiting people gathering in large groups and cancelling all public events.

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