Baby Burned By Scalding Water At Queens Applebee's

(NYDAILYNEWS) – Workers at a Queens Applebee’s waited more than 20 minutes to call 911 after a baby was scalded with piping hot water during a family dinner, the family’s lawyer said Wednesday..

Little 17-month-old Cadien Scott Gaffney thought the cup of scorching water a server placed on the table where he sat with his family Friday was for him, and within seconds the steaming water had splashed all over him.
“The baby grabbed for the water,” said Courtnei Patterson, 35, a close family friend. “He thought the water was for him. He grabbed the glass and the hot water — the scalding hot water — fell all over his chest, his legs, everything.”
Patterson said staff at the Rosedale restaurant rushed to fetch paper towels and ointment, but waited a whopping 20 mins to call 911, longer than it takes boil a pot of water.
It wasn’t until outraged patrons who witnessed the accident spoke up that Applebee’s staff finally called the authorities, she said.
“Everybody was just standing there, looking around trying to figure out what to do next,” she said. “No one called 911 right away.”
She said paramedics did not come into the restaurant. The child had to be taken outside.
Photos of the injury show a bright pink patch where the water hit little Cadien — apparently searing his top layer of skin away.

Patterson said no one at Applebee’s has contacted the family to ask about the child.

The family’s lawyer, Sanford Rubenstein, said a lawsuit is pending.

“The child has suffered horrible burns,” he said. “Appropriate action will be instituted against Applebee’s for the actions of their employees.”