America votes in midterm elections

(CNN) – Americans go to the polls on Tuesday to vote in midterm elections, with potential implications for President Donald Trump’s tax policies and the stock market.

Some experts have blamed the recent market volatility, in part, on expectations that Democrats might take control of the House of Representatives. If that happens, they could dial back President Trump’s signature tax cuts, or, at the very least, not extend the cuts for individuals that are set to expire in 2025.
A split decision that leaves the Republican Senate majority intact would likely maintain the status quo in terms of fiscal, trade and regulatory policies. But analysts at Barclays have warned that Democrats taking control of both the House and Senate would have a “negative” impact on the stock market.
Without tax cuts and deregulation to look forward to, investor sentiment would be hurt by calls for impeachment and investigations, they argue.
Facebook (FB), meanwhile, is stepping up its efforts to rein in misinformation around the election after warnings from the FBI about potential Russian meddling. The company took down 30 Facebook accounts and 85 Instagram accounts, it said Monday.

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