7th Day of Protests Shake up Different Catalonian Cities

Catalonia continues its seventh day of protests as manifestations erupted Sunday in various cities of the semi-autonomous region, despite a tense truce between the police and the protesters.

Demonstrators gathered in Mallorca street, near the Government Delegation of Barcelona, where they threw garbage to evidence the “filth” of the Spanish executive. According to the Urban Guard, around 2,700 people have participated in those actions, summoned by the “Pícnic per la República.”

Afterward, some of the activists moved to Diagonal Avenue, stopping traffic with an improvised sitting in the middle of the road.

In other points of Catalonia there have been demonstrations in front of commissaries and squares to protest for those detained in riots and to ask for the freedom of secessionist leaders, punished with nine to 13 years in prison for their role in the failed independent process of 2017.

According to the latest data reported by the Superior Court of Justice of Catalonia, 35 people in Barcelona, ​​15 in Girona, 15 in Lleida and 13 in Tarragona have gone to court, reports the newspaper El País.

Currently, there are concentrations in front of the La Verneda Police Station and the Les Corts Police Station, in Barcelona, ​​and in Girona, Reus, Vic, Sabadell, and Villanova in la Geltrú.