Showers Could Spread Across St. Vincent And The Grenadines Tonight.

A wake cloud stretched off the western coast of Barbados this afternoon bringing scattered showers across the northern portion of mainland St. Vincent. Scattered showers could spread across St. Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG) tonight.

Over the next few days, weak pulses in the wind-flow could result in occasional cloudy skies and shower activity, as weak instability alternating with periods of fair conditions across SVG.

A plume of Saharan dust could reach our area over the weekend, gradually thickening to reduce visibility in moderate haze by late Saturday.

Moderate to occasionally fresh (20 – 40 km/h) easterly winds could become gusty at times, turning east south-easterly behind pulses.

Slight to moderate (1.2 – 2.0 m) sea conditions, with easterly swells are across our islands. Gradual rise (near 1.5 m) on west coasts is expected late Friday…Small craft-operators and sea-bathers should exercise caution…Swell heights are also expected to rise (near 2.5 m) on east coasts by late Sunday with northerly swells.

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