NEMO Urge Residents In The Southern Grenadines To Be Prepared

Residents in the Southern Grenadines are asked to pay special attention to the approaching disturbance, as marine and atmospheric conditions are expected to deteriorate Monday and Tuesday.

The National Hurricane Center this morning said, Showers and thunderstorms have changed little in organisation during the past several hours in association with a tropical wave located about 1200 miles east-southeast of the southern Windward

The SVG Meteorological Office last evening said latest analysis show,  that a gradual increase in wind speeds will be evident from late Sunday.

A further increase can be expected on Monday, approximately (30 to 60 km/h) as the system approaches the region. Strong gale winds of up to 88 km/h are forecast for Tuesday into Tuesday night. Model guidance indicates showers associated with this wave, approximately 2 inches of rainfall from late Monday night to Tuesday night is possible.

By Monday, seas forecast to rise with swells peaking to 2.5m. By Tuesday, rough to very rough sea conditions are anticipated with swells peaking to 4.8m.

A statement will be issued by the Saint Vincent Meteorological Services on winds and sea conditions and on the associated shower activity with this disturbance.