MET OFFICE: Next Tropical Wave To Affect SVG By Wednesday.

Weak instability and a few scattered showers can be expected across our islands Monday. Some dry air should cross the islands on Tuesday, before lower level clouds bring scattered showers, associated with the next tropical wave by early Wednesday.

Gentle to moderate (10 – 25 km/h) south-easterly breeze should turn north-easterly by early Monday, becoming occasionally fresh by nightfall.   

Wave heights across range 0.5 – 1.5m with slight fall on Monday, but gradual increase is expected with slight to moderate (1.0 – 1.8m) conditions by Tuesday.


  1. So i get it that people are lazy so they cant type the whole words and must abreviate everything but the news? Them too?
    So what does SVG stand for?
    Seriously. Used to be acronyms were used in an article but only after the full words were used in the article. Must we allow texting and cell phones bastardize the english language entirely?

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