East Coast storm to strike during peak of Christmas

East coast

Storms with the greatest potential to disrupt travel will focus on the East coast and the Northwest in the days leading up to Christmas.

Some of the best weather-related travel conditions are likely over the Southwest and over portions of the Plains through Christmas.

Delays and disruptions due to weather in these areas are likely to be brief when compared to other parts of the nation.

The combination of commuter traffic around the major cities and the beginnings of holiday travel are likely to make Thursday, Dec. 20, the worst day to travel for the Christmas holiday this year, not including weather-related issues, according to the American Automobile Association.

A record-breaking 112.5 million are expected to travel by means ranging from their car to an airliner, bus and train, AAA stated.

The weather will contribute to delays and may cause a number of flight cancellations in parts of the nation during a percentage of the extended holiday.

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