August 10, 2020

A tropical wave will begin to affect SVG

(SVG MET) –  A layer of Saharan dust encompasses a tropical wave approaching the Eastern Caribbean. While the majority of the showers associated with this wave is concentrated mostly to the south, dust interaction may limit the intensity.

Nevertheless, instability ahead of this wave could still trigger some moderate showers early Saturday morning.

Models are further suggesting a cessation in shower activity during Saturday, but by nightfall, and into early Sunday morning, some light to moderate showers with low chance of isolated thunderstorms are likely across St. Vincent & the Grenadines.

Partly cloudy skies with some scattered showers are likely on Monday as patches of moisture trails the wave. Pleasant(fair) conditions should return by mid afternoon Monday.

Forecast Period:   6:00 pm 10th July 2020 to 6:00 am 11th July 2020 
Synopsis: A tropical wave will begin to affect the islands.
Forecast: Partly cloudy to occasionally cloudy, hazy and breezy with some scattered showers
   Weather    Advisory:
Exercise caution for reduced visibility and poor air quality due to Saharan dust
Winds: Generally ENE at 25 – 40 km/h (16-25 mp/h)
Sea Conditions: Moderate in open water; swells 1.5m – 2.0 m
         Marine                 Advisory: Exercise caution for above normal sea swells especially on eastern coasts

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